Aurélie Verbèke 


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Aurélie is a solution finder, focused on conquering any issues that arise in her day-to-day management of the accounting functions at CIL. 

She is personally as comprehensive and faceted as her professional approach – she studied in France, salsa dances, hikes the Heublein Tower Trail, and enjoys strolling around Nevers Park with her family. 

A graduate of the University of Connecticut and Certified Occupancy Specialist, Aurélie has been a CIL teammate since 2012. She oversees day-to-day billing, accounts payable/receivable, budgets, financial statements, and cash management. Come annual audit time, she serves as the primary point of contact. She is a resourceful, reliable member of the team, known for her inherent can-do attitude, dedication to streamlining processes, and overarching commitment to getting things done.