Christine Devine

Asset Manager

Connect with Christine:  

When she's not cooking in her kitchen, Christine is serving up ways to keep CIL's portfolio healthy and balanced.

In addition to her work as CIL's Asset Manager, Christine is actively involved with several important non-profit organizations, as current Treasurer for The Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance and active Committee Member for The Governor's Early Childhood Cabinet. She enjoys collaborating with her colleagues and earnestly supports CIL's mission to create and sustain housing and other community resources that provide affordability, accessibility, and independence to those in need.

Christine brings over 25 years of asset management experience to CIL. Her Sociology Degree from Franklin Pierce University, coupled with her Master's in Policy and Planning from the University of Connecticut make her an especially suited and well-rounded asset. Christine also holds an Occupancy Specialist Certification from the National Center for Housing Management, so she is up-to-date on best practices and rules and regulations for CIL's Housing and Urban Development projects.