David McKinley

Corporate Benefit Officer

Connect with David:      

Hire talented people, train them, mentor them, and support them – this is David McKinley’s motto. 

David has over 30 years of experience overseeing teams of capable people. He began his tenure with CIL in 1986 and has responsibility for the direction and support of CIL’s Development team.  David has been involved in the development of supportive housing, affordable rental housing, homeownership opportunities, market-rate housing, and nonresidential development for nonprofit organizations.  

As a long-time Hartford resident, David has a deeply vested interest in revitalizing blighted Hartford properties. He currently serves as the Board President for the Hartford Community Loan Fund, is a Board Member for CSSCON NRZ, is a member of the State Codes and Standards Committee, and is the President and Founder of Mayor Mike Peters Little League. David has played a role in housing production and advocacy for over thirty-five years.  While working at the Neighborhood Housing Coalition, he developed programs and policies that addressed problems of housing production, preservation and affordability.