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Real estate development is hard, but having the right insight can make it easier.


Aside from financing, site selection can be the biggest challenge in the real estate development life cycle. COVID-19 has impacted the real estate market by creating more demand and less supply. In an effort to help, InSite, a special e-newsletter, was born.


In InSite, we will share properties that we have found that could make great community residences, information on the different geographies and criteria where we are looking for properties, and site-related news and advice from our real estate development experts.


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CIL is actively looking for sites in Massachusetts, specifically the Templeton, Athol, Phillipston, Andover, Bradford, Burlington, Lowell, Middleton, Newbury, North Andover, Reading, North Reading, Tewksbury, and Wilmington areas.


For more information on our site selection criteria, check out these resources.

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