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Statement of Solidarity with the Black Community

Statement of Solidarity with the Black Community

Corporation for Independent Living was founded with a core belief that people with disabilities should be able to live in the community of their own choosing. We have learned through the years that having an address does not make you fully part of a community. It takes acceptance, welcoming, involvement, and understanding.

At CIL, we work every day to achieve our vision of a world where communities are inclusive and respectful, and where all people have access to quality housing that enhances their independence in neighborhoods of their choice. We cannot realize this vision without acknowledging the ways that our country’s systems have failed so many.

We grieve the losses of all who have senselessly lost their lives, or have suffered, due to racism, prejudice, and violence. We stand with those who are advocating against racism and all forms of prejudice and injustice. We will continue to work collaboratively with our partner organizations to address these issues and redouble our efforts to force real change. This is not business as usual, but business as needed, and we pledge to continue this conversation.

~ Content originally posted on 6/12/2020. We will continue to add to this page with updates on further actions. ~